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Each of our pieces is handmade to order. This means that by agreeing to buy our pieces, DDomingo has been commissioned to do something specifically for the customer. We can accept cancellations within 24 hours of deposit. We may not start production right away, but we buy materials right away. Upon completion of the 24-hour period, the customer has agreed to commission the part (s) and is obligated to pay the balance upon completion. For this same issue, we do not make money refunds.


We accept changes to an order within 48 hours of deposit. Any change during the process can cause a change in price and delivery time. After 48 hours no changes can be guaranteed. At the time of purchase an estimate of delivery time can be given. If a delivery period is not granted, it falls within the estimated window of 8-10 weeks (applies to purchases of no more than 10 pieces per order). This is only an estimate. Because the pieces are handmade and personalized, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates, nor can we guarantee weights of the same (take into account concrete is a heavy material). The delivery period does not begin until a deposit is placed and the finish, dimensions, etc. are defined.


All of our materials are variable and are subject to change. Each of our products is unique and is subject to variations / shades of color, characterization, etc. The mixtures of the raw materials are made by hand, therefore there may be color variations. As for the finishes (especially marbling and terrazzo), it is done directly in the mixture, so the aggregates and / or veins are randomly and without any control when pouring into the mold. We make samples of the desired finishes for an additional cost per sample. The workshop plans are not included in the manufacturing price of the products, the client must indicate if they want workshop plans to quote, it also applies to rectification of measurements on site. In the case of quantity orders, the client can request in advance a paid sample of the final product for verification (does not apply in the production time window).


Because each piece is unique, we recommend that you re-view other examples of our work to confirm that you are comfortable with possible variations. If the client provides an external reference of a finish / color, it must be ensured that digitally it does not affect the quality of the actual desired color. As is typical for custom pieces, we reserve the right to alter designs to improve the stability or function of a part. We will notify the customer of such alterations before the change is made. Please allow 3-4cm tolerance on each piece. Imperfections such as ‘holes’ and other flaws as a result of the air in the mixing and / or demolding process and are filled / fixed with resin, there will always be different shades because they are different materials. As for the finishing of the pieces such as tops, washbasins, it is only polished and finished in the visible and useable part of the pieces, in case you want the entire finished piece, it must be previously notified in the quotation process. As for the tops or modulated pieces, the polishing and sanding is manual, therefore there may be unevenness of mm in each joint (the pieces are not calibrated like granite).


(If applicable) All holes for the drain and / or taps, the client must provide the parts of the same to make the holes, in case they do not provide them, they are made with a 2 ”drain or it is done on site (additional cost). Take into account, any hole for wiring or other purpose of being shined and sealed has an additional cost and must be specified in advance to contemplate it. Normally these holes are made on site but special equipment is required to do so.


Upon completion, the piece(s) will not be delivered until the balance has been fully deposited. The balance must be paid within one week of notification, even if the customer is not prepared to accept the delivery. DDomingo is happy to keep the piece(s) for up to one week with no charge. Subsequently, there will be a surcharge per day of storage of the piece (s), consult prices previously.

It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the part(s) upon delivery. If there is something wrong or the part has been damaged during shipment (DDomingo transport), this is the only time the customer will be able to point out these problems. Once the part (s) have been delivered and accepted, there is less possibility that DDomingo can adapt to modifications or corrections without additional charges.


In the event that the piece (s) are made on site, it is the customer's responsibility to cover / protect objects near the work area. We work with great caution and taking into account the care on site, even so working with concrete / construction is normal that in the work area, there are unforeseen events, as well as a lot of dust and debris. At this point, we must first consider whether it is convenient to do it on site. It is important to note that the work / production times on site and the drying of the parts on site or in the workshop must be respected. In case it is an extensive installation, the client has the obligation to cover the Ddomingo parts, in case work continues near them. This to avoid stains, scratches or marks on the piece (s).


Because each piece is made specifically for the customer, DDomingo cannot offer a guarantee. It is recommended that the customer ask all questions to ensure proper care and longevity of the same. As typical with natural materials, there may be some cracks and color changes in the piece(s). If the piece(s) show defective workmanship within 180 days, DDomingo will do its best to repair it. No piece(s) can be returned without the written consent of DDomingo. In terms of installations, it refers to the use of silicone to adhere the pieces(s) to another material. In the event that the client provides the base and / or structure, it is the responsibility that everything is in order and ready when DDomingo does the installation, especially if the client provides the design of the piece(s) ordered from DDomingo. It is recommended to inform us in advance about this process, since concrete is a heavy material, it is necessary to make sure that it supports / fits the requested piece (s).


If applied, all deliveries inside and outside the GAM and / or in residential / commercial towers are delivered only (level 0), that is, the distribution / installation of the piece(s) does not apply. (s). In case the client wishes the distribution / installation of the piece (s), it must communicate it at the time of the request for the quote. This last point should be considered essential when designing a piece, take into account again; Concrete is a heavy material, therefore we reiterate that it is the responsibility of the client to communicate if the piece will be placed at heights greater than 2 levels or in spaces with difficult access, to make the necessary provisions. We do not do mechanical installations (we make the holes for the faucet and drain in the piece (s), if applicable. It is recommended to provide the pieces prior to delivery, in case they are dimensions outside the standard.

If applied, deliveries inside and outside the GAM will be organized by DDomingo, to be carried out during the week within a period confirmed by the client, but designated by DDomingo.


All collection pieces are for final sale. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect all models in the showroom or where the piece(s) is shown prior to purchase. In the event that a payment is refunded (collection pieces), there will be a 5% processing fee.

Any custom designs or sketches are Ddomingo creative property. This purchase agreement is subject to change. All changes made will take effect when they are updated on our website.


In the event that the client wishes to collect the pieces in the workshop in San Miguel de Desamparados, they must enter with a car and / or light truck, with a height no greater than 2.50mt, the road is narrow, one-way and ballast.


As for construction companies, developers or subcontractors, in case they present a contract, terms and conditions, it must be signed by a representative of DDomingo, otherwise it is worked by our terms and conditions without exception. As for the percentage of commission for designers and architects, they must indicate the desired % prior to making the quote.


Our terms and conditions are approved by the client when the 60% advance is made.

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