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We design each piece with the goal to provide different options to our clients.

We understand that not every piece is perfect for every space. This is why we offer this option.


Whether you like a piece of our collections but you want to add a few extra centimeters,

or a different concrete finish, even designing a piece from scratch, we do it.


How we work:

STEP 1 l We discuss what you’re looking for. Would you like to mix some of our pieces?, is it entirely custom?

You need our advice of, what type of piece fits in your space?.

STEP 2 l We put all the ideas and start from there.

We offer you options.

If you like we provide drawings for all the customizations, or if you like to see different finishes. We provide it.

STEP 3 l You check the options and let us know what do you think.

We do adjustments if needed and repeat the process until the solution is the one for you.

STEP 4 l Once the piece or pieces are define, we start the production.

Few weeks later you’ll have the customize piece.


Want to start a custom piece process?. Email us.

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